Stamina WIRK Under Desk Exercise Bike

by Stamina
SKU ST85-1200
No More Painful Desk ExerciseIf you've tried an under-the-desk cycle before, you know how hard it can be to position yourself into that sweet spot. Luckily, with the Stamina WIRK Under Desk Exercise Bike, you don't have to worry about banging your knees under the desk. Your knees will have breathing room, and your feet (or hands, if you choose to work your upper body!) will be secure in the textured pedals with straps. Plus, you'll be properly aligned and able to concentrate on the important stuff, like putting cover sheets on all documents and reports.You Won't Be "That" PersonYou know the type. The pen-clicker. The coffee-slurper. The mouth-breather. Cubicles reveal all flaws and idiosyncrasies. But this desk exercise bike is silent; you won't disturb anyone. Plus, the eight levels of magnetic resistant are challenging and effective. With some dedication, you'll burn some serious calories, increase your endurance and improve your overall health.No Strings to Hold You DownTrack your progress - there's no strings attached. Literally. The wireless monitor displays your workout time, distance, calories burned and rotations per minute. You won't get tangled up nor have to break your concentration since the monitor sits on your desk. Even more, you can program the monitor to scan through the metrics because let's face it, you're tired of clicking. 8 levels of quiet, magnetic resistance that won’t disturb coworkersA simple tension dial so that you can control at least one part of your lifeMulti-function, wireless monitor that sits right by your coffeeLow-profile design fits easily under your desk, preventing desk-to-knee interactionTextured pedals with straps to keep your hands and feet secure

Overall Dimensions: 23.5"(L) x 12"(W) x 11"(H)

Item Weight: 20 lbs.