Stamina Inmotion Gps Fitness Tracker

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Trace Your Path to Fitness & Health: Whether you're already traveling the path to complete fitness and a healthy state of mind or you're just setting out, the InMotion® GPS Fitness Tracker makes a reliable travel companion. It's lightweight, no-hassle design lets you conveniently log your daily activity and track the progress you make along the way.

Your Outdoor Fitness Tracker: The InMotion® GPS Fitness Tracker is a must for outdoor enthusiasts and anyone who embraces the benefits of an outdoor workout. Simply turn it on before heading out for a run, hike, bike ride, or walk. InMotion GPS will automatically track your distance, time, pace, and elevation for the activity. It's fully integrated with, so you can quickly upload each outdoor workout and monitor your progress over time. Share your success with friends and family on Or keep the details private if you prefer, and let them see your results in person.

Your Fitness Journey. Your Health: The journey to your ideal you is a personal one. It's challenging, even frustrating at times. Done right, the journey is never ending. It's also endlessly rewarding. Like all life-changing trips, your transformation should be documented-both to support your efforts and so you can look back at just how far you've come. Then, you can pause a moment for a well-deserved pat on the back before firing up the InMotion® GPS Fitness Tracker and the hitting the path again.
  • Color(s): Black, Grey, Blue
  • Includes: Lanyard
  • Recommended Use: Use outdoors to track fitness goals and progress
  • Integrates with to track workouts
  • Tracks distance, time, pace, and elevation; maps your route
  • Offers straightforward one-button control
  • Includes lightweight lanyard

Overall Dimensions: 3"(L) x 1.12"(W) x 0.5"(H)