Stamina Full Body Power Tower

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Bodyweight training is a scientifically-backed solution for toning major muscle groups, improving flexibility, boosting the metabolism to burn calories and improving cardiovascular health.The Stamina Full Body Power Tower 735 provides a powerful bodyweight workout outlet on one piece of equipment. No matter what your fitness goal is, the Stamina Full Body Power Tower will help. Multiple exercise configurations make this an all-in-one home gym centerpiece.Perform push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, hanging leg raises, sit-ups and more at the various exercise stations. Foam hand grips and padded arm supports provide lasting comfort during these movements. Unlike many other power towers, the Full Body Power Tower also includes a built-in bench for expanded workout capability. The comfortable, upholstered surface along with a padded head rest provide comfort. Place your own barbell on the included rack for easy access or use your own set of dumbbells. When you’re done using the bench, fold it up to save space.Solid-steel frame construction and a bold, red design make the Stamina Full Body Power Tower 735 an ideal choice for anyone desiring a powerful, total-body workout.
  • Folding, upholstered bench for additional exercises
  • Rack to place weight bar
  • Pull up/chin-up station
  • Comfortable arm supports for leg raise station
  • Tricep dip bars
  • Push-up bars
  • Sit-up station
  • Foam hand grips
  • Solid steel frame construction

Overall Dimensions: 75"(L) x 39.5"(W) x 85"(H)

Item Weight: 89 lbs.