Stamina Aeropilates Precision Spine Corrector

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The AeroPilates Precision Series Spine Corrector provides a powerful, simple way to open the chest and correct or restore the curvature of the spine. As we age, our spine loses some of its natural curve. By executing exercises on the Spine Corrector, you will strengthen the abs, back and shoulder muscles to help reverse this change. As your chest opens, your shoulders will straighten and any “hunched” posture will disappear. Furthermore, proper posture promotes deeper, easier breathing.Thanks to the intuitive design, you’re not limited to simply improving your posture. The Spine Corrector also tones and trims thigh and core stabilizer muscles. Realize the full potential of the Spine Corrector by following along with two free, online expert-guided workout routines included with purchase. AeroPilates expert Shauna Smith-Yates demonstrates proper usage and form for the Spine Corrector in a safe, directed manner. Includes Level 1 Workout and Back Care Routine.As with all other products in the Precision line, the Spine Corrector was engineered with your comfort and progress in mind. The all-vinyl, padded surface wraps around the outside of the Corrector to provide relaxation in any pose. After you’re done with your workout, use the built-in carrying handle to easily move the Corrector to storage.Improve your posture and tone the lower body and abs quickly and efficiently with the AeroPilates Precision Series Spine Corrector.
  • Open the chest and correct/restore the curvature of the spine to promote proper posture
  • Two free expert-guided, online workout videos included with purchase Level 1 Workout and Back Care Routine.
  • Padded, upholstered vinyl surface
  • Easy carrying handle
  • Commercial quality design allows for home or professional use

Overall Dimensions: 28.5"(L) x 16.5"(W) x 13.4"(H)

Item Weight: 19 lbs.