Stamina Aeropilates Precision Pilates Chair

by Stamina
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The AeroPilates Precision Series Pilates Chair is a compact, versatile and all-in-one outlet for building the sculpted body you desire. Originally designed by Joseph Pilates, the Pilates (commonly referred to as “wunda”) chair aims to provide a low-impact, gentle solution for toning the entire body, burning calories and improving functional strength. The Precision Series Pilates Chair improves upon Joseph Pilates’ original design by offering a number of comfort and performance-enhancing features. Exercises on the Pilates Chair can be done lying, sitting or standing. Several different forms of movement allow for specific targeting in the core, upper and lower body muscle groups. The compact design helps you save space while still getting a great workout. Comfort is assured in every workout with the spacious padded platform. Adjustable handlebars make the chair a great fit for users of nearly all sizes.The easy-to-use pedals can be used as a single or dual push-down bar, all depending on your body position.Engage the legs, stabilizers and core using a push-down motion. Exercises like leg press-downs, single leg presses, calf raises, flexions, side bending, back extensions and chest press are easy to achieve with the push-down motion.An intuitive clip lock allows you to easily switch between independent, dual pedals and a single pedal (both pedals attached). This allows you to focus on targeting the left or right-side muscle groups in a more directed way. You can also increase or decrease the level of spring resistance by turning the dial.Get the most out of your Chair by following along with two free, expert-guided workout videos included with purchase. Streams to your smartphone, tablet, PC or television.Look no further than the AeroPilates Precision Series Pilates Chair for the space-saving, versatile full-body workout you desire.
  • Pilates Wunda chair with enhanced design
  • Low-impact, full-body workout great for toning and strengthening
  • Two free, expert-guided workout videos included with purchase,AeroPilates Chair Level 1 & 2
  • Adjustable two-spring resistance
  • Dual split and single-pedal system allows for targeted or broad muscle work
  • Padded cushion for upper and lower-body work
  • Adjustable, padded handlebars
  • Compact design great for limited space
  • Anti-skid endcaps

Overall Dimensions: 29.5"(L) x 28.25"(W) x 47"(H)

Item Weight: 58 lbs.