Stamina Aeropilates Advanced Kit

by Stamina
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Expand Your Workout Do you feel you’ve worked to the max potential on your AeroPilates Reformer? Take the next step and shoot for a new level of performance with the AeroPilates Advanced Kit. The Advanced Kit comes with three accessories designed to help you achieve the fitness goals you desire most. Box and Pole Widen the possibilities in your AeroPilates routine with the Box and Pole. Adding a level of elevation to your workouts engages a more complex combination of muscle groups, allowing for wider flexibility and range of motion. You’ll feel safe and secure with the durable, padded design. Placing and removing the box on your Reformer is simple with handles on both ends. The adjustable-length pole assists you in standing exercises of all kinds, providing an extra level of balance. Lastly, the Box and Pole includes a workout video that gives you instructions on how to use them to enhance your workout. Pull Up Bar Pull-ups and other similar upper body exercises are great for burning fat, toning muscle and boosting cardiovascular endurance. However, it is an extremely difficult exercise to execute. The AeroPilates Pull Up Bar is a great alternative for people of all fitness levels. It’s a simple way to create the same tone and definition in a lying-down position. The raised nature of the bar also allows for a wide variety of other new exercises. Throughout your exercise, the padded grips will help minimize hand discomfort. The resistance is easily adjustable by using one, two, three or four cords. For quick reference, the bar comes with a wall chart of exercises. Switching the risers out with the Pull Up Bar on your Reformer is also as simple as loosening the knobs and replacing. Magic Circle Upgrade your exercise and add the capability of taking it on the road with the AeroPilates Magic Circle. The Magic Circle allows you to perform your Pilates workout anywhere. A 14.75” diameter, and professional grade, nonporous and molded padding makes it a great compact option for all. The rubber ring provides fast resistance so you can target the most important muscle groups, including the thighs, upper arms, and chest. An included in-depth video provides you with instructions for getting the most out of your Magic Circle. Supplement your workouts and expand your exercise potential with the AeroPilates Advanced Kit. The AeroPilates Box and Pole, Pull Up Bar and Magic Circle will help you reach newfound heights.
  • Finish: Black
  • Made of Wood frame Box with padded vinyl upholstery. Steel pole. Steel frame.
  • Advanced kit comes with three items to expand workout potential: Box and Pole, Pull Up Bar and Magic Circle. Box and Pole: Wide, upholstered box accommodates all shapes and sizes Box and Pole: Extendable pole with padded grips for greater balance Box and Pole: Elevation for greater amount of exercises Box and Pole: Handles on both ends of box for easy portability Box and Pole: Workout DVD included Pull Up Bar: Bar adds capability for more upper-body exercises Pull Up Bar: Adjustable resistance with three, four and five cord AeroPilates Reformers (incompatible with 55-5565, 55-5556, 55-5557, 55-5565, 55-5535, 55-5608, or 55-5610)Pull Up Bar: Easy attachment Pull Up Bar: Padded hand grip Pull Up Bar: Wall Chart included Magic Circle: Small 14.75” diameter for easy portability Magic Circle: Professional grade, nonporous, molded padding Magic Circle: DVD included Box and Pole: Extra strap included
  • Magic Circle: Steel core ring with soft rubber cover and padded grips. Recommended Use: Use with AeroPilates Reformer. Accessories promote increased strength, flexibility and greater workout variation. Comfort Elements Box and Pole: Vinyl, padded upholstered box. Adjustable length pole. Pull Up Bar: Padded grip. Magic Circle: Padded grips.
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  • Warranty Info: 90 days

Overall Dimensions: 16"(L) x 11"(W) x 11"(H) x 14.75"(Dia)

Item Weight: 15 lbs.