Stamina Active Aging Easy Decompress Pro

by Stamina
SKU ST55-1489


  • The Stamina Active Aging EasyDecompress PRO provides an efficient and safe way to comfortably decompress the lumbar spine. The simple, easy-to-operate design provides traction, improves body alignment and posture, and reduces risk of future injury, all in the comfort of your own home gym or office

  • Features:

  • Decompresses spine comfortably and safely

  • Stretches out lower back for pain relief

  • Gas-assisted shock for automatic lowering and raising during exercise

  • Padded foam rollers provide deep massage to tight muscles

  • Two sets of ergonomic, textured handlebars

  • Adjustable leg length distance

  • Padded leg, ankle and armpit rests

  • Cushioned head and neck pillow

  • Easy angle adjustment


  • 3 years frame/ 90 days parts